I am a bilingual copywriter and translator based in Florida and Puerto Rico. I specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses that serve international or diverse US audiences, primarily through their web presence.

I deliver clear, compelling prose that is SEO optimized and focused on conversion, in a voice tailor-made for your target customer.

I can work at any stage of the copywriting or translation process and I can independently produce high-quality, ready-to-publish content as needed, customized for your desired audience, voice, and platform.

In addition to the qualifications listed below, I grew up in a multicultural, multilingual community and a bilingual household and I've lived in and traveled all over the United States and internationally: I can see things from many different perspectives. I've also had a lifelong fascination with marketing and graphic design, and I'm self-taught in these areas. Though I am not a marketer or a graphic designer, I can offer informed insights on issues related to these disciplines that will help you avoid common pitfalls.

  • Native speaker of English (US) and Spanish (CAR, Int.)

  • Extensive knowledge of writing and translating in both languages

  • B.A. in English from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras (2008)

  • Over eight years of experience teaching English at a post-secondary level

  • Familiar with all major style guides (EN: academic and journalistic; SP: RAE and AP Spanish),