Social Media Management

  • Assessment of your brand’s presence on social media and other platforms
  • Suggestions for initial changes to these, including possible expansion to other platforms and initial set-up
  • Ongoing updates on a pre-arranged schedule with a clear and focused plan on what type of content should be published
  • Content and engagement will always be optimized for each platform and fully compliant with US copyright laws and FTC regulations
  • Active monitoring of platforms and, if advisable for your brand, trends-based engagement with your community
  • Fast relay of sensitive, customer-service related issues to you or your relevant departments/team members

Your voice and writing are already clear and compelling, but you’re too busy to update all your social media platforms with the required frequency, or maybe you’re trying to engage a Spanish-speaking audience but your knowledge of that language is limited. I can easily glean your message and, with minimal interaction between us, I can manage your social media platforms on an ongoing basis.

I will initially offer suggestions for changes that will bring your existing social media and external platforms in line with your brand, both visually and in terms of writing style, voice and positioning. If necessary, I’ll suggest and set-up accounts for platforms that are advantageous to your brand. The tone and types of content published will be customized for each platform and fully compliant with US copyright laws and FTC regulations.

Hand your updates over to me, or we’ll set up a schedule with simple prompts or a general understanding of the type of content you’d like to push. I’ll handle the difficult parts and relay any sensitive customer service related issues to you immediately, reassuring your customers in the meantime that their concerns are actively being addressed.

The cost of this service is calculated according to the number of platforms and the frequency and type of content that is to be published. Learn more about costs and payment for ongoing services here.