• High-quality English to Spanish for a diverse, US-based or Latin American audience
  • High-quality Spanish to US English
  • Interpretation between both languages

Although I can easily perform simultaneous interpretation between spoken Spanish and English, translation that is to be used for commercial purposes must be impeccable and thoroughly researched. Additionally, if the project is large-scale and aimed at a Latino or pan-ethnic Spanish speaking audience, the translation will have to be done in neutral Spanish.

In any case, high-quality translation requires a knowledgeable human translator, plenty of research, and, if the source material is very long and uses many technical phrases, the use of computer-aided translation tools (CAT; not the same as machine translation). Relying on machine translation or native speaking ability alone will inevitably lead to translation disasters, of which there are many examples to be found online. At best, you risk turning off your audience. At worst, you risk insulting them and earning negative publicity swiftly through social media and established Spanish language and Latino media.

Fortunately, you have me. With only a few details about your project's scope, intended audience, and a quick scan of your source material, I will know exactly what kind of translation is necessary. Though my work is thorough, I do it quickly relative to the time-intensive nature of good translation. As I work on your translation, I can also compose a bilingual glossary if the project is to be integrated into other projects or platforms.

Don’t do yourself or your audience the disservice of using automated translation or simply handing your material to a native speaker who is not an experienced translator. Instead, hire a professional and get it done right the first time.

Note: I cannot translate into Peninsular or Rioplatense Spanish, though I can translate from these dialects into US English. I cannot translate from or attempt to fix machine translated materials: that's like trying to unscramble an egg.

Costs for translations are determined by word count using an automated tool and your source material. The standard rate for translation is $0.30 USD per word, but the cost can be lower or higher depending on the complexity and volume of your source material. Learn more about costs and payment here.