Work & Testimonials

Social Media Trends Dashboard Tool

English | Delivered minor corrections and suggestions for unifying the look and voice of the brand, as well as the functionality of the product. Brought related social media platforms in-line with the brand and consulted on their positioning vis-à-vis the main service.

"Josh understands that when it comes to the web, copywriting is UX, directing the user’s attention, behavior, and progress. He’s also that rare copywriter with design chops. He can not only foresee how language will play with layout, type, and color, but can mock it up himself."

—Andréa López

Literary Website and Press

English | Proofread 2,029 word essay for an established literary website and magazine based in Brooklyn, New York.

BBC Mundo

Spanish | Proofread 1,278 word article for BBC Mundo, published prominently on their main page.

Psychologist, Private Practice

Spanish, English | Provided audio translation files of several academic papers from English to Spanish. Edited and proofread final draft of post-doctoral dissertation, which was accepted for successful completion of degree.

Online Arts Magazine

English | Proofread 782 word essay for a prominent literary and visual arts website.

40-Year-Old Literary Arts Periodical, Online and Print

English | Copy-edited 4,523 word essay, published in print and online, for a highly prestigious literary arts magazine based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Special Interest Website and Online Community

English | Proofread 1,989 word essay for a popular and highly visited special interest website based in California

Nationally Circulated Newspaper

Spanish | Proofread 1,229 word article featured on the front page of one of the oldest and most well-known newspapers in Puerto Rico. The article was also featured prominently on the homepage of the newspaper's website.

LA Times (Los Angeles Times)

English | Co-edited and proofread a 1,175 word essay that was published online and in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times.

English | Proofread a 1,127 word interview with a business and finance leader.

Literary Arts Website

English | Proofread an 8,373 word interview with one of the most important literary figures of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Orthodontist, Private Practice

Spanish | Performed Clean-Up service on website and significantly increased its SEO rankings. Rewrote signage, promotional and informational material for second office.

[translated] "I barely remembered that we had a site until Joshua, one of our former clients, searched for our second location to get a new retainer. It turns out the copy was written by a web developer a long time ago and it was full of mistakes. Joshua offered us his services and our site is now completely clean and polished — and number one in SEO rankings for orthodontists in our region!"

—Janice N. (Administrator)

Specialty Clothing Manufacturer and Retailer

English, Spanish | Performed Launch Package service. Created a full style guide/bilingual glossary and brand identity guide. Wrote all copy for website redesign and online store, including a layout-dependent template for product descriptions (detailed and brief), About Us page, FAQs, Google description (aka “snippet”), and initial copy for five social media platforms. Consulted on brand and product line naming, art direction, and logo design.

[translated] "Joshua’s work was invaluable to the relaunch of our company. We were ready to make significant changes and ended up starting from scratch. He anticipated our needs and guided us through everything, helping us identify where and how we had gone wrong in the past and showing us how to avoid future missteps. His turnaround time was amazing — always available to answer questions or do additional work as the need arose. His writing was exactly what we needed. We loved it and, apparently, so do our new customers! We highly recommend him."

—Eduardo M.

Physician, Private Practice

Spanish, English | Wrote all copy for Spanish language website. Proofread promotional flyer for second printing. Collaborated on and independently wrote articles and blog posts distributed through the website’s blog and Facebook account. Edited and proofread existing articles/updates and then translated them into English. Optimized the layout of the former for distribution across various platforms.

[translated] "The designer of our first flyer made many obvious mistakes and that’s how Joshua found me. I had a good web developer but he too made many writing errors. I was also exhausted by managing all of my social media by myself. I knew it was time to bring Joshua on board. He fixed us up completely and now everything is harmonious and persuasive. He even made suggestions about which services to highlight based on their profitability and I’ve definitely noticed a more desirable clientele coming through the door requesting better services."

—Dr. Luis S., MD